JUUL Case:

JUUL Pods contain a high level of nicotine which increases the risk of long-term addiction


Explosion Related Injuries


Severe burns, scarring and disfigurement


Injuries to the tongue and mouth


Damage to hand and fingers, including amputations


Eye damage and potential vision loss


Tooth damage and tooth loss

Has your child been using vapes or E-cigarattes?

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Has your child used or using vapes or E-cigarettes?


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The Danger of Children Vaping

Nicotine use has been linked with a number of health and developmental problems in humans, particularly in teens and young adults. This is why parents and teachers around the country are now concerned about the growing popularity of the JULL e-cigarette.

A small, discreet USB-shaped vaping device, the product has taken over the market share for e-cigarettes and has become “the” e-cigarette option about teens, who brag about “JULLing” even when they’re in class. Meanwhile, though JUUL Labs states that their mission is to improve the lives of smokers, they continue to create nicotine solutions and flavors that are attractive to children.

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